08 Feb

2016 Updates!

whats up guys, i know weve been super busy and havent really been updating things, but we figured its time to address some plans for the new year!! so we have been hard at work on this newly revamped website, as our last one wasnt quite cutting it. so here we are 2 months later, with this rad new site, though little details may change here and there. we got our album up in our store with a PAY WHAT YOU WANT feature, which is pretty dope. got this blog finally set up too, so we can start re-connecting and start sharing some exciting things going on in our world. so stoked to finally have a better site up.

we have also been going crazy on some after effects, trying to learn how to make our own visuals, videos, and depictions. its been a process, coming from audio to this end of the spectrum. while fascinating as hell, the render times are excruciating lol. i guess patience is a virtue huh? 😉 so needless to say the youtube will b up soon with some surprises. were in the middle of planning out a lot of visual material, and have been doing a little traveling too, collecting lots of eclectic footage to chop up. def focusing alot on the visual aspect of bipolar, and so stoked to b doing it.

then of course comes the music. 3 new albums at least. Avesa, GRVBMPS, and myself will all b releasing a new album in 2016, accompanied by some rad shows for sure. we are so stoked on sharing all our new music, and getting the machine up and running!! im so ready to meet more indigo souls 😉

time for me to get back to work.

-infm$ it

currently listening to: blue boss by: sampa the great

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Comments ( 2 )
  • Cherry

    wheres the painted bus from boulder?

    • Austin Lynes

      Lost in an abyss of terabytes of video :/ We should’ve stayed more organized. That’ll definitely be posted soon. That was one of the most memorable parts of the trip.

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