26 Apr


So after the incredible time we had at SXSW(which needs more covering, and prolly will be getting more attention in some Youtube vids were in the middle of editing), I had an incredible 3 week adventure lined up going to India and Dubai. I had some incredible experiences out there, including getting to celebrate the […]

07 Apr

New GRVBMPS jams! Album soon!

While finishing their new BADASS album, The Groovebumps have been releasing some live jams on Youtube. These guys shred some seriously fresh funkadelia. ALL THE TIME. It’s like it’s nothing to them. Some of these recorded jams are the first time they’ve played an idea together. Theres a lot of crazy improv goin on. Make sure you […]

28 Mar

SXSW Street Performin’ (360° Video)

During one of our street performances at SXSW; this badass, Khary Alexcee, filmed us throwin down some on-the-fly beats with a 360 degree camera while other badasses that we met on 6th Street laid some dope freestyle lyrics on top. I think its preeeety gosh darn cool. Peep it on the Tube….

08 Feb

2016 Updates!

whats up guys, i know weve been super busy and havent really been updating things, but we figured its time to address some plans for the new year!! so we have been hard at work on this newly revamped website, as our last one wasnt quite cutting it. so here we are 2 months later, […]

20 Jan


Welcome to our newly redesigned site! We have been hard at work, putting together all sorts of new material. Besides redesigning the site, we have been working on lots of new music, making music videos, getting ready for SXSW, traveling and connecting with others. We have at least 3 albums on the way this year, […]

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