23 Feb

open your mind!

one of the most beautiful things about technology is its ability to connect us all globally. while it may take sifting through all sorts of bullshit to find the truth and unbiased answers, at least they are more accessible in the endless virtual world of the internet. we literally have all this information at our fingertips, which is incredible!!!

that being said, i am so thankful for the people at VICE. they constantly spread what seems to be unbiased news covering all sorts of news, lifestyles, cultures, and perspectives from all over the world. a glimpse into what other people go through in this world is imperative for us to understand more about the human condition, as well as to erase these invisible lines we justify as grounds to divide ourselves. instead of fighting and segregating other over cultural or religious differences, we should strive to understand and accept them, as we all collectively try to learn and understand who we are and our purpose here.

VICE is starting a TV channel called VICELAND featuring exactly this. check it out

seriously looks so inspiring. we all need to be watching things like this in stead of mind numbing programs designed to zombify us and distract us from the real issues from the world. VICE has truly helped me in doing so, and i encourage you to do the same if u havent.

knowledge is power

-infm$ it

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