20 Jan


Welcome to our newly redesigned site! We have been hard at work, putting together all sorts of new material. Besides redesigning the site, we have been working on lots of new music, making music videos, getting ready for SXSW, traveling and connecting with others. We have at least 3 albums on the way this year, and are so stoked to be able to put out some new music, and get some shows going!!

In case you’re new to Bipolar, We are an independent collective label, based outta Dallas, TX. Coming from different backgrounds, and growing up in different styles of music, we love to experiment with all types of sounds and genres, as we strive to the push the boundaries of our sonic palette. Equipped with open minds and a never ending thirst for knowledge and adventures, we seek to promote higher thinking and positivity as we venture out and meet more kindred gold souls in this beautiful experience known as life. 

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